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Fix up, look smart

Casual not cutting it this time? Check out our selection of formal shoes for men for when you need to look good but don't want to compromise on comfort. For example, our men's loafers made with long-lasting leather are perfect for your 9-5 and everything after, or our men's formal boots that will have you looking sharp day or night. From neutral tones for when you mean business to fun colors and prints when you're having a day off, our selection of formal shoes for men has you covered. Look like you've made a huge effort when actually you've been busy doing other things.

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Formal shoes worth staying up for

Whether it's work or a special occasion, there comes a time when we all need to scrub up and make a good impression, and that includes what we put on our feet. Take a look at our selection of men's formal shoes including classic men's loafers in soft leather and nubuck, as well as ankle boots and lace-ups in lightweight textiles and MIRUM®, a 100% bio-based and plastic-free material that is not only unique but recyclable. From original to new silhouettes, and muted tones to playful injections of color, patterns, and texture, our selection of men's formal shoes has your name on it. And, because most of our formal styles are fitted with cushioned footbeds for an extra comfortable step, you'll look good and feel great no matter how long you're on your feet. Ready to take them for a spin?

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Our Formal Shoes are built to last. And with ReCamper, we make extra sure they do. These services help extend the life of your shoes by repairing, recycling, and reworking them. This means that together we can help keep shoes out of landfills, where almost 23 billion pairs end up each year.


Longer-lasting shoes are more sustainable shoes. And our Care&Repair products help you look after your shoes to extend their lifespan. Did you know that wearing your pair of Formal Shoes for an extra 9 months helps to reduce carbon impact by 20-30%? That’s right, together we can keep your favorite shoes on your feet for longer.

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