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Take Back

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Take Back is our new program created to help close the loop on used footwear.

Aimed at reducing our environmental impact, Take Back is focused on collecting shoes from across the globe and giving them a chance to walk again through restoration, repair, and our ReCrafted collection.

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How It Works

When you trade in your shoes, we'll give you up to 30€ credit toward a future purchase at Camper.com or any Camper store.

Collect your used Camper shoes

We gladly accept any pair of Camper shoes regardless of size, category, or condition.

Collect your used Camper shoes

We gladly accept any pair of Camper shoes regardless of size, category, or condition.

Visit a Camper store or drop-off point

Drop off your shoes at one of our stores or leave them at any participating drop-off point with your prepaid shipping label attached.

Camper credit

We'll give you 20€ credit for 1 pair and 30€ credit for 2 or more pairs to use on Camper.com or at any Camper store.

Give your
Camper shoes
a second life

Ensure your shoes stay out of the landfill and give them a chance to walk again.



Repairing and recycling helps reduce the environmental impact of our products.

Why extend the life of your shoes?

Shoes aren’t easy to get rid of. When you toss them in the trash, they’re often burned or sent off to be buried in a landfill.
At Camper we believe that the best thing we can do for the planet is reduce our consumption and get the most out of the things we already own. Take Back is a quick and simple alternative to throwing your favorite pair of Camper shoes in the bin.

Long Walks, Great Stories

Long-lasting products have the potential for unforgettable stories. Send us your
shoes with a short note about the journey they’ve been on.

Tokyo vibes

I got this pair of sneakers on holiday in Japan, which is also where I discovered my first Camper store. Their bright colors still remind me of all those amazing places I visited. These were my everyday pair for so many years that I have lost track, even though I have a HUGE sneaker closet. Happy to see that they can be sent back now and can’t wait to get my next pair (Runner!)

Grandpa’s favorite pair

A few years ago before my grandfather passed, he gave me a pair of authentic leather Pelotas that he had worn every day for over a decade. He was a “don’t fix it if it’s not broke” kind of guy. After a stint in my Dad’s closet, this pair eventually found its way into mine. I’m an artist, so I guess the rest is history. I hope they can still be useful for someone…paint, scars, and all.