Waterproof Technology

A selection of weatherproof styles in seasonal shades.

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Image of Side view of Drift Trail VIBRAM Multicolored recycled PET sneakers for women

Dry feet, whatever the weather

Wet weather? Say no more. Our selection of women's GORE-TEX shoes are fully waterproof yet totally breathable, so your feet will stay cool and dry, even in the wettest weather scenarios. Check out casual styles for your day-to-day, or sportier silhouettes that are perfect for taking on the elements—your feet will thank us.

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Image of Side view of Peu Pista GORE-TEX Black leather sneakers for women

The ultimate waterproof shoe

We are always looking for new ways to help our products evolve and be even better. That's why we've partnered with GORE-TEX, the industry leader in weatherproof apparel technology to create women's waterproof shoes that are durable, and built to handle whatever the weather feels like doing on the day. We've got a wide selection of technical designs with waterproof GORE-TEX membranes that deliver superior breathable protection to guarantee your feet stay dry on even the most miserable days. So whether you need to get to work, walk the dog, or just have a little dance in the rain, our women's GORE-TEX shoes have got your feet quite literally covered. Don't let a little—or a lot of—rain stop you. It's just water. No there's no excuse not to leave the house—sorry.

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Our Gore Tex shoes are built to last. And with ReCamper, we make extra sure they do. These services help extend the life of your shoes by repairing, recycling, and reworking them. This means that together we can help keep shoes out of landfills, where almost 23 billion pairs end up each year.


Longer-lasting shoes are more sustainable shoes. And our Care&Repair products help you look after your shoes to extend their lifespan. Did you know that wearing your pair of Gore Tex shoes for an extra 9 months helps to reduce carbon impact by 20-30%? That’s right, together we can keep your favorite shoes on your feet for longer.