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Social Responsibility - Materials

Social Responsibility

The quality and safety of our materials is an extremely important issue to us. We set high standards to ensure that suppliers are transparent and in strict accordance with our policy regarding chemicals and restricted substances.

During the production process, we employ a wide variety of materials of both natural and synthetic origin. We strive to find materials which are long-lasting and which meet our high standards of quality. We integrate new materials into our collections once we have determined that their performance is consistent with our standards regarding quality, durability, and aesthetic. By insisting on high quality materials, we hope to create pieces which last for an extended period of time, making them sustainable in the truest sense of the word.

Every season, we also conduct random testing to ensure that all standards are being met according to the EU REACH Regulation 1907/2006 guidelines. We also apply the highest level of restrictive standards for all markets in which we operate, restricting the use of materials that we find to be unfriendly to the environment.

DOWNLOAD List of Restricted Chemicals PDF HERE

To better assess our environmental practices regarding materials, we joined the Leather Working Group (LGW) in 2013. This organization is a coalition of brands, suppliers, retailers, leading technical experts, and NGOs aimed at raising environmental standards and ensuring best practice standards for tanners, manufacturers, and retailers. Member tanneries are audited by specialists against stringent criteria and awarded gold, silver, or bronze status based on the environmental standards met at each location. In 2016, 87% of our leather was sourced from silver and gold rated tanneries.

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