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Nicolas Netien


Meet the French bioengineer using permaculture to develop the island's natural environment

Nicolas Netien is a French bioengineer who found a home in Cyprus after he was called to work on a special project inside Kypros’ United Nations buffer zone nearly a decade ago. It was here that Nicolas began experimenting with permaculture, and developed a unique formula for growing some of the healthiest olive trees in the entire world.

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"Permaculture is more than an agricultural technique, it’s a philosophy. It allows you to live in symbiosis with the environment rather than using it for its crops and produce."

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Working through the natural bond of humans and nature in a place like Cyprus, Nicolas’ latest project gives back to an overexploited land that has been badly damaged by climate change and poor environmental policies.

The sustainable farm that Nicolas is currently building puts the wellbeing of bees at the forefront. Here, with the help of a master beekeeper, he produces high-quality natural honey.

"Nature is never far, both physically and mentally. Most Cypriots are no more than a generation or two away from the traditional rural life and they have a strong attachment to their family's village and fields."

"Any program aimed at understanding nature needs to teach compassion—how to love and respect the environment as a whole, and live in peace with people."

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The 11th issue of TWS takes us to Kypros, the third largest island in the Mediterranean. Situated at the doorstep of the Middle East, its strategic position as a link between East and West has made it subject to invasions since the beginning of time. Its history is defined by social ferment and cultural stratification, contributing a confusing identity and a mystical essence to the island.

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