A virtual collective welcoming people from all social, cultural, economic, and geographical backgrounds, The Walking Society is united by a desire for world progress. Through walking, exploring, and innovating, we aim to promote positive ideas and solutions for a better future.

The Walking Society

This 12th edition, our latest The Walking Society, is a journey through a somewhat unusual Mediterranean destination formed by a mountain range protruding from the sea. It is also a lesson in wealth—here often synonymous with complexity—of exchanges, clashes, and evolutions that have taken place in this unique region, which sometimes feels like a world of its own.

THE WALKING SOCIETY magazine contains words and images from people and landscapes belonging to a virtual community contributing to world progress and change. The first issue of TWS launched in 2001 and its subject was the island of Mallorca, Camper’s native home. The original series, which also covered different regions of the Mediterranean, lasted four years and eight issues before ending in 2005.

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The Walking Society
The Walking Society

Issue 12

CORSICA is one of the largest and most mountainous islands in the Mediterranean, with two distinctive cultural identities: French and Italian. A region of great geographical and cultural interest, Corsica unites a maritime heritage with a mountain soul.

The Walking Society

DJ Charlotte

Charlotte Vannuchi is an upcoming DJ from Cargese, a seaside village on the western coast of Corsica. Though she is now based in Paris, she feels deeply connected to her island home and travels there often, especially during the summer when she plays the festival circuit.

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The Walking Society

Buzzo Spinelli Studio

Isabelle Buzzo and Jean-Philippe Spinelli founded architectural practice Buzzo Spinelli Studio in 2014. Dividing their time between Corsica and Paris, the couple has worked on a range of innovative projects that explore the use of traditional natural materials, including their renovation of the old citadel of Bastia.

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The Walking Society

A Signora Capra

Goats are an integral part of Corsican culture, having navigated the mountains of Haute-Corse for thousands of years. Resilient and resistant to the harshest conditions, the indigenous goats provide the milk for making some of the island's most traditional cheeses like brocciu.

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The Walking Society

A Buccia

This traditional game is played throughout Corsica and the Mediterranean. With the simple objective of scoring points by throwing the ball closest to the jack, the sport attracts regional teams and spectators to a five-day tournament featuring highly competitive matches and strategic throwing techniques perfected over decades.

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Parco Nazionale

The Regional Natural Park of Corsica is an unspoiled, carefully preserved stretch of land with dramatic peaks, glacial lakes, and wooded areas where wildlife grazes freely. Since its inception in 1972, the Park has been a protected area for large birds of prey and threatened species like the bearded vulture.

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Edition & Creation: Alla Carta Studio
Brand Creative Director: Achilles Ion Gabriel
Brand Art Director: Gloria Rodríguez


Photography: Leonardo Scotti
Set Design: Emanuele Marcuccio
Styling: Elisa Voto
Illustrations: Joe O’Donnell
Copywriting: Davide Coppo
Production: Hotel Production


Director: Fele La Franca
DOP: Andrea Nocifora
Music: Dirt O’Malley
Edition: Luca Lo Nigro
Color Correction: Giorgio Bonsignore


Yves Andreani
Jean Noël Guillaumin
Luc Plavis
Isabelle Porras

The Walking Society