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6-month extended quality guarantee

Just for being registered, we'll add another 6 months to the standard 2-year quality guarantee for your orders.

10 more days to exchange and/or return your purchases

Just for being registered, you'll have an additional 10 days in which to exchange and/or return your purchases, on top of the standard 30 days we offer to unregistered customers.

Forget about receipts

If you make a purchase at one of our stores and register, you don't need a paper receipt. All you have to do to make an exchange or return at any store is identify yourself.

Plus, from the moment your purchase is confirmed, you will be able to download or print out the receipt from your account.

Fast, easy checkout

We save your shipping details to make the checkout process faster and easier.

Order status, history and management

View your past purchases and track the status of active orders. You can also manage your returns.

Exclusive offers

As a member, you have access to exclusive promotional offers. To receive all the latest news and products, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter.

Registering is free

Registering and creating an account is free, and you can do it while placing an order. Creating an account does not automatically sign you up for the newsletter. You will not receive emails unless you decide to subscribe.

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