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Everything begins in our Inca headquarters in central Mallorca, once the epicenter of the island’s shoemaking industry. Designs are sketched and brought to life by our designers and technicians who use time-honored shoemaking techniques to craft timeless footwear that is quintessentially Camper. Innovation is always at the forefront of our minds to reduce our impact on our planet. Each design is tested and developed before being entrusted to our partners, who produce our designs on a larger scale, maintaining the meticulous attention to detail and quality expected from a Camper product.

An important part of our company strategy is the commitment to building long-term relationships with a small number of key partners. Taking this step allows us to build stronger and healthier relationships while gaining a deeper understanding of the entire production process.

Several years ago, we also took the decision to open a local office nearer to our factories in order to work closer with suppliers and solve incidents as soon as they are detected.

Code of Conduct

We strive to work with only the most reputable factories we can find. These factories uphold our core principles to ensure high standards regarding human rights and environmental practices.That includes guaranteeing that each person along every step of our supply chain is treated with fairness and dignity. With that in mind, we do everything we can to guarantee an environment free of discrimination and prejudice for all of our employees and partners.

To guarantee that we are held responsible from start to finish, we have a code of conduct to which all of our factories must adhere. This code sets standards from the very beginning and aims to ensure our suppliers provide fair, safe, and non-discriminatory workplaces that do not harm workers, the community, or the environment. 100% of our factories have signed and are committed to our code.

Code of Conduct
Important aspects of our code
of conduct include:
  • Freely chosen employment
  • Prohibition of child labor
  • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
  • Satisfactory working conditions
  • Paid working hours which are not excessive
  • Discrimination is not practiced
  • Fair living wages are paid
  • Regular employment is provided
  • Environmental standards maintained to specified high standards
Code of Conduct
Factory Audits

In 2020, we decided to take our social factory strategy one step further. We asked our principal factories to join the SAC (Sustainable Apparel Coalition) and complete the Facility Module on the Higg platform. By doing this, we can check on an annual basis that our factories are using the best possible processes to make our shoes under the best possible conditions. In addition, we can reinforce our commitment to maintaining manufacturers of the highest standards.

Using the Higg platform, we can measure the environmental and social performance of our factories, which is more effective than our former social audits. Currently, over 85% of our production takes place in factories evaluated by the Higg Facility Module, and the rest are evaluated by external social audits.

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