B Corp

Walking with purpose

Finding better ways to do business isn’t new at Camper. Since 1975 we’ve been on a journey to always do things a little better, fusing decades of shoemaking heritage with an attention to teamwork and a passion for creating lasting, more responsible products.

Camper is now proudly recognized as a Certified B Corporation, forming part of a select group of businesses committed to creating a positive impact on people and the planet.

What is B Corp Certification?

B Corp certification is about creating a global economy that uses business as a force for good—one that is purpose-driven and creates benefits for our teams and communities.

As a certified B Corp we balance profit and purpose, making decisions and implementing new practices that consider the social and environmental impact of each.

We aim to be the change we seek in the world by considering the full impact of our products and understanding that we are responsible for each other and future generations.

Why It Matters

B Corp certification helped establish a roadmap for how we can strengthen our positive impact as an organization, aligning our values with our mission as a business.

We believe all businesses have a responsibility to create a positive impact. The B Corp certification process demonstrated how we could focus our strategy and where we could make immediate changes with huge benefits.

B Corp certification is only the beginning for us. Each year, we will implement annual goals with the aim to create better products with reduced environmental and social impact.

In line with our approach to always be A Little Better, Never Perfect, we remain committed to making small-yet-consistent changes that accelerate our goal of being a better business.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility