Camper Together

A Model of Collaboration

Camper Together

Vera y Olivera Capara



The success of the Capara sisters is rooted in the cultural underpinnings of their design work. The raw materials of these talented creators are socio-anthropological themes borrowed from literature, film, music and current affairs, and the quest for new forms, proportions and techniques is the tool of their trade. Their collaborations with Camper have produced shoes that are a combination of structural innovation and elegance. This bold look identifies them as true Camper Together.

Vera and Olivera earned their degrees in Fashion from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, in the year 2000 and immediately joined the Dries van Noten studio in Antwerp as design assistants. In 2003 they moved to Paris, where they worked for the designer Martin Margiela, and three years later they presented their first collection at Paris Haute Couture. After building a career based on collaborations with various prestigious firms, in 2009 they founded Capara, the label that would allow them to develop their own visual universe.