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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

We believe in being honest and sincere about everything we do as a brand – a philosophy which extends across our own operations and our partners across the globe. This begins in Inca, our rural home in the heart of Mallorca, where all our shoes are designed and developed. Here, a creative team of young designers works together with skilled artisans to create original footwear concepts focused on the same values from which our business was built: quality, integrity and design. In turn, we work with valued suppliers that are entrusted to apply the same level of commitment and responsibility to our partnership.

We aim to be the first and last word in any issue related to the brand, whether that means resolving an issue with a supplier or implanting new standards to ensure maximum quality and safety in our production. While we are proud of what we do, we recognize that we can always do better. Our processes are not perfect. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our operations and develop new, innovative ways to minimize our environmental footprint while ensuring our commitment to high-quality materials, manufacturers, and products.

A little better. Never perfect.