Camper Together

A Model of Collaboration

Camper Together

Tomás Alonso

Vigo, 1974

Camper teams up with the talent of Tomás Alonso to design stores in different capitals around the world. This designer uses a unique system of tiles combined in various ways to create striking geometric patterns. In the Camper venues designed by Tomás Alonso, ceramic ledges jutting out from the wall support the brand's singular footwear, offering an aesthetic banquet embellished by furnishings of covered steel, American oak and Italian lamps.

About Tomás Alonso
After graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2006, Tomás Alonso joined five young creators of different nationalities and founded the OKAY Studio collective. At the London studio, this Spanish designer is known for his ability to combine commercial design and research in his work. His personal creations have been exhibited at galleries that are open to up-and-coming artists, such as NextLevel, Aram and Whitechapel.