Mallorca Preservation Foundation

Supporting local environmental and conservation initiatives to preserve Mallorca for generations to come

Mallorca Preservation Foundation

We are proud to be supporting Mallorca Preservation Foundation, an NGO working to conserve the island’s natural beauty through sustainable initiatives.

A project close to our heart is the education and implementation of regenerative agriculture for local farmers. By supporting regenerative agriculture, we aim to help farmers establish more sustainable practices on the island, where farming has been an integral part of life for centuries.

As part of our push to become more circular and sustainable, we're giving 1% from the sale of each pair of Peu Stadium to the Mallorca Preservation Foundation to fund this initiative.

What is Regenerative Farming?

Regenerative farming uses sustainable agricultural techniques to recondition and strengthen the natural ecosystem by improving soil fertility and the quality of the water cycle. These methods encourage the soil to absorb and retain carbon from the atmosphere and reduce a farm’s environmental impact.

The Project

Together with APAEMA, the Association of Ecological Agricultural Production of Mallorca, Mallorca Preservation Foundation is hosting a series of conferences at farms across the island to demonstrate the methods and results of regenerative agriculture. Twenty participants will visit local farms where regenerative agriculture is practiced in Llucmajor, Manacor, Felanitx, and Campos. Visits are scheduled for autumn 2021 to coincide with soil preparation season and the planning of annual work.

From there, theoretical and practical courses will be carried out for interested farmers, both professional and non-professional. Personal visits to each participating farm will offer invaluable advice for implementing and transitioning to regenerative farming. Each participating farmer who completes the courses will receive field professional certification from the Savory Institute. Following the training process, each farm will be evaluated to ensure it is having a more positive impact on the land, the island, and the planet.

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For every pair of Peu Stadium sold, we will give 1% of sales to Mallorca Preservation to educate farmers and improve the future of sustainable farming on our island.

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