Sala Camper Cherche-Midi

By Jean-Vincent Simonet

Sala Camper Cherche-Midi

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Jean-Vincent Simonet has transformed Cherche-Midi into a Sala Camper space, a concept store model for artists to showcase their work alongside Camper’s collections.

Hallucinatory colors, liquid forms and shifting contours allow the artist's work to provide a submersible experience for visitors.

Simonet prints his shots on sheets of plastic film that take hours to dry, freeing up time for human intervention, to then spread the colors now captured on the walls of our store.

You can now visit 'Waterworks' at:
1 Rue du Cherche-Midi
75006 Paris

Inside the store

Jean-Vincent Simonet

Jean-Vincent Simonet (b. 1991) graduated from ECAL in 2014. He is based in Paris and Zurich, where he juggles between commissioned photography, editorial and personal explorations. He was part of FOAM Talent, Plat(t)form at Fotomuseum Winthertur and has had a solo shows at FOAM 3h (Amsterdam) and Webber Gallery (London). He has won Swiss Design Awards in 2015, 2017 and 2018 and has published books 'In Bloom' with SPBH Editions and 'WATERWORKS' with RVB BOOKS.