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Sneakerheads alert! Our selection of men’s sneakers are destined to join your collection.

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Everyday men’s sneakers that last

Crafted from soft leather, breathable natural materials, and recycled synthetic fabrics, our men’s sneakers are designed for comfort and built to last. From classic everyday sneakers with lightweight outsoles and cushioned footbeds to extra durable performance styles with advanced grip, our sneakers for men are destined to join your collection.

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Camper—your original men's sneakers

We design original men’s sneakers that are made for walking. From men’s leather sneakers, perfect for taking you straight from work to play, to casual styles in sportier silhouettes, all our men’s sneakers are ultra-comfortable so you can be ready for whatever life throws at you. Your feet will love our designs with an ergonomic barefoot approach, so comfortable you’ll never want to go shoeless again. Our selection of casual men’s sneakers also includes design features like elastic laces for an easy fit and flexible, cushioned outsoles. Check out Camper men’s sneakers—we doubt you'll want to wear any others.

The Walking Society

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Our Sneakers are built to last. And with ReCamper, we make extra sure they do. These services help extend the life of your shoes by repairing, recycling, and reworking them. This means that together we can help keep shoes out of landfills, where almost 23 billion pairs end up each year.


Longer-lasting shoes are more sustainable shoes. And our Care&Repair products help you look after your shoes to extend their lifespan. Did you know that wearing your pair of Sneakers for an extra 9 months helps to reduce carbon impact by 20-30%? That’s right, together we can keep your favorite shoes on your feet for longer.

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