Our commitment to circularity

We build our shoes to last,
then make sure they do.

Long-lasting shoes are meant to last. That’s why we have ReCamper, our commitment to extending the life of your shoes with services that include cleaning, repairing or refurbishing them into other shoes.

This way, we prevent them from ending up in landfills because, out of the 23 billion pairs of shoes that get produced every year, 95% do.


A collection of pre-owned and second-quality Camper shoes, now ready to walk again.


A one-of-a-kind collection made of recycled Camper shoes.


Taking care of your shoes is the first step to making them last.

Take Back

Help us close the loop on your used footwear.

Coming soon in your country.

Coming soon in your country.

Extending the life of your shoes by nine months can reduce carbon impact by up to 30%. It’s a win, win.