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In 1981 the first Camper store opened in Barcelona. After seven years of successfully marketing products through multibrand stores, Camper realised that it was the right time to start setting spaces that would allow customers to interact with the shoes and the brand. Here began the development of unique stores. In 1992 Camper felt strong enough to venture abroad and opened stores in Paris, Milan and London. Nowadays Camper has about 300 stores in main cities all over the world.



Camper Together is a model of collaboration between Camper and leading designers to create exclusive products and outstanding stores. Together responds to a new international reality that requires the capacity to integrate through design, different cultures and creative know-how into a single project together with and organization capable of communicating and distributing unique initiatives to a select global makretplace.



The “Walk in Progress” concept was born in 2000. The concept was the brainchild of Camper and Catalan designer Martí Guixé. The idea is simple: to make a temporary, provisional interactive design, with furniture made from recycled materials, allowing the store to open and trade before the definitive design and decoration are complete.

The latest collection is displayed on a table made from shoe boxes, and the walls are painted white with a “imagine a better world” title to invite the customers to write and draw their messages, ideas and dreams. The interactive nature of the Walk in progress concept is simple, sustainable and 100% Camper. The store is always self-explanatory.



Created in 2003 by Martí Guixé, behind this concept lies an idea: Design elements are means to transmit a message and the content becomes as valuable as the aesthetics. Decoration is thus transformed into information and information into decoration.