CAMPERLAB presents Tossu

CAMPERLAB presents Tossu

Taking its name from Finnish countryside slang for ‘slipper’, Tossu is a new technical sneaker designed with a zero-waste approach.

Tossu White

Developed under the creative direction of Achilles Ion Gabriel, who describes the new-generation style as "CAMPERLAB's biggest achievement in terms of sustainability", Tossu exemplifies the future of design and a more circular economy where footwear is conceived with the end in mind.

Tossu Brown
Tossu Black
Tossu Red

Designed with a circular, zero-waste approach, Tossu is CAMPERLAB’s most sustainable footwear innovation to date.

Made in Spain, the caged style built using direct injection technology and no glue features a polymer-based PU and TPU upper and outsole with enhanced grip. Together with a 3D knitted water repellent sock composed of recycled polyester, the sneaker is fully recyclable, making Tossu an entirely circular design that can be transformed into playground floors at the end of its life.

Tossu White

Four colorways are available: black, white with contrasting highlights, beige and tan, and burgundy with blue.

A video created in collaboration with 3D artist Frederik Heyman—known for his work with Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and Arca—reflects the innovative, high-tech approach to Tossu’s design.

Video directed and created by Frederik Heyman

Assisted by Arne De Coster
Produced by Bounce Rocks
3D & VFX by Pixmix
Sound by Gregory Caron

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