Upcycling and Recycling


23 billion pairs of shoes are made around the world every year.

Not only are too many shoes being produced every year, too many end up going straight to landfill within one year. We are proud that Camper shoes are high quality, long-lasting and consider the planet by trying to use better materials. Camper shoes belong on feet, not landfill. And we have a plan for both their second life and their end-of-life.

You can help us to be better in three ways: Firstly, by caring for your shoes so that they last longer; secondly by repairing them, and thirdly by sending them back to us when you can't use them anymore. Just keeping a pair of shoes for just nine months longer can reduce carbon impact by around 20-30%.

Second Life
Avoiding shoes to landfill is tough, but we´re working on ways to give new life to old shoes.
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ReCraftedWorn shoes are upgraded to be reworked into a new pair.
If nothing can be done, shoes are processed and converted into green energy or raw materials used for the creation of new products like outdoor flooring.
ReWornShoes are repaired, inspected and quality-checked to be donating to communities in need.
Designed to Reduce WasteAlongside taking responsibility for our waste disposal, we are working on ways to make a more circular product, throughout the design process and at the end of a product’s life.Learn More
Designed to reduce waste
UpcyclingWe love to reuse discarded materials like old sails to create completely new products. By reworking second-life products into something new, we are working to use old materials in new ways.Learn More
RecyclingDesigning with zero waste is our ultimate goal. We want all our products to be circular, so they are designed to be made into something new or repaired to live an endless existence.Learn More
Extending LifeOne of the best ways to be more planet friendly is to make your shoes last longer, with the idea of buying less.
Shoe Care GuideA step-by-step guide about the best way to give shoes a longer, happier life.Learn More
Shoe Care ServiceBring shoes to your local Camper store and we will freshen them up in 24 hours. Service only available in selected stores.Find Your Nearest Store