Advancing towards Carbon Neutrality.


At Camper we are determined to reduce our impact towards global climate change, which is why our energy programme is key.

We are committed to the goals of the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action, including a target of 30% GHG emission reductions by 2030 and achieving total net-zero emissions by 2050.


our carbon footprint, starting with our own operations (Scope 1 & 2). This is the first step to making real, quantifiable science-based targets.


our energy usage in our head office and our warehouses.

Identified Alternatives

by switching to green energy sources in our offices and stores, starting with Spain and Germany, and by investing in a green future for others.

As a part of our Carbon Footprint measurement, we have also studied the impact that our shoes create. Using this information, we are able to learn how we can look to improve each element of our materials selection and production process.

Energy Shoe - 01
Manufacturing1,51 Kg
Distribution0,18 Kg
RAW Materials6,92 Kg
Total Footprint8,62 Kg CO2e
Energy Shoe - 02
Manufacturing4,1 Kg
Distribution0,31 Kg
RAW Materials10,21 Kg
Total Footprint14,63 Kg CO2e
Energy Shoe - 03
Manufacturing1,68 Kg
Distribution0,2 Kg
RAW Materials2,28 Kg
Total Footprint4,133 Kg CO2e

Our Better Energy programme is underway, for example:

We've installed 400 photo-voltaic solar panels at Camper HQ in Mallorca which has reduced our energy consumption 35% in 2019 when compared to 2018. Some months this met our entire energy consumption needs. Any energy that we don’t produce ourselves from our solar panels now comes from certified green energy sources.

Preserving & Conserving Natural Resources

All Camper stores in Spain and Germany are also powered in this way, and we plan to roll this out across our key markets in the next two years.

Preserving & Conserving Natural Resources

We're working everywhere to make energy savings. Just changing our lighting system at our distribution centre in Spain reduced our average energy consumption by 38%, while changing our AC heating system (roughly 50% of the energy used in our headquarters) reduced our consumption by between 20-40%.

Designing Unique Walking Experiences

Climate Neutral Delivery. From the start of 2021, customers* have the option to select a more environmentally-friendly delivery method with DHL GoGreen.

*Check country availability

Designing Unique Walking Experiences
It´s not just about us
It’s not just about us

Once we have reduced our energy use (and are sourcing as much as possible from clean, green alternatives), our goal is to then help our partners and suppliers achieve these same gains. Through initiatives including those from Sustainable Apparel Coalition we are asking our key suppliers to report their energy use so we can help them find ways to save energy and reduce their overall impact.

Green Energy Investments

In 2010 we began a project to invest in wind and solar energy plants in Spain. We now have seven investments, with four projects up and running and the others being built. This year these wind and solar farm investments will provide nearly 2,000 homes with electricity.