Made with MIRUM®

100% natural, zero plastics

Made with MIRUM®

We are continuously looking for new ways to eliminate plastics and other synthetics from our products. That’s why we are excited to have found an innovative solution that helps us move toward a better, more sustainable collection.

Presenting MIRUM®, a groundbreaking material making its international footwear debut in our Spring/Summer 2022 collection. Plant-based and plastic-free, MIRUM® is created with a unique composition of 100% natural components with zero synthetics.



From our home in Mallorca, we witness the irreparable damage that plastic pollution has on our seas, marine life, and ecosystems. By seeking out plastic-free materials like MIRUM®, we aim to reduce plastic waste by shrinking our reliance on unsustainable synthetics.

What is MIRUM®?

Adopting the logic that renewable plant sources grow abundantly on the earth, Natural Fiber Welding set out to develop a plant-based material with zero plastics or synthetic fibers.
Made from all-natural materials like coconut husk, rice hull, rubber, and cork, the unique composition of MIRUM® makes it sustainable and circular, meaning a product can be disassembled and recycled at the end of its life.


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