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Omar Sosa


The inside story on how the island has influenced his interior style.

Beyond the cloud of bougainvillea climbing the white walls, Omar Sosa's Menorcan home is sparsely furnished. Unexpected, perhaps, given that he is the co-founder of the influential interiors magazine Apartamento. Omar may have changed the way we look at our homes but he prefers not to give styling advice—"I'm not an interior designer," he says. He does, however, have a thing for the locally made chairs and a fetish for lamps.

The Barcelona-born multi-hyphenate navigates many different roles: there's the cult magazine he created with Nacho Alegre and Marco Velardi in 2008. He recently became the artistic director of the design brand BD Barcelona and he also started The Natural Wine Company wine club, which he enjoys as "a way of meeting people, of ensuring constant dialogue."

Omar's "guilty pleasure" is reading the island's local newspaper in a local bar. This appreciation of 'traditional' media aligns with Apartamento's strong print identity and the fact that his father used to sell encyclopedias—the reason why Omar's family came to Menorca in the first place. His father fell in love and bought a house here in 2000, so Omar visited until he was in his thirties. After a short spell traveling further afield, including a five-year stint in New York, nature and the Mediterranean Sea were calling, and he hasn't looked back.

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