Recycled Synthetics


Moving towards eliminating all virgin plastics in our collection by 2025.

Recycled Polyester

Recycled polyester is as strong and as well performing as virgin polyester. By using this material in our collections, we are reducing water consumption by 20% and energy consumption by 50%. Recycled polyester can be recycled again, which is why this material is highly-valued in the circular economy.

How is our recycled polyester more responsible?
  • During Fall/Winter 2021-22, we replaced all our virgin polyester linings with 100% recycled polyester.
  • Each season we increase our use of recycled options over virgin plastic materials in our uppers and linings.
Our recycled polyester targets
  • Completely remove virgin plastic material from our uppers and linings by 2025.
  • Use recycled synthetic polymers with an equally technical look and performance.
Recycled Nylon

Recycled nylon is a durable and resistant material that drastically reduces the number of steps in the production process compared with virgin nylon. During the manufacturing process, carbon dioxide emissions and water consumption are reduced significantly. Recycled nylon can be recycled again when the garments have reached the end of their active lives.

How is our recycled nylon more responsible?

During Fall/Winter 2021, we introduced a recycled nylon option to reduce the environmental impact of the microfibers on our oceans.

Our recycled nylon targets
  • Remove virgin plastic materials from our uppers and linings by 2025.
  • Use recycled synthetic polymers with a technical look and an excellent performance.
Recycled Rubber

Predominantly derived from used tires, recycled rubber is extremely durable and waterproof. Without compromising these fundamental values, recycled rubber is mixed with virgin rubber to produce a high-quality material for outsoles.

How is our recycled rubber more responsible?
  • We are partners with the best suppliers such as Michelin, Forever, and Vibram to ensure the highest quality and durability of our product.
  • During Spring/Summer 2021, we launched outsoles using a mix of natural rubber (40%) and recycled rubber (23%).
Our recycled rubber targets

Work to improve the recycled rubber component in our outsoles, highlighting the durability and the quality of our long-lasting products.

Recycled EVA

EVA is a lightweight and flexible material for midsoles and outsoles and we use both recycled EVA and recyclable EVA.

How is our recycled EVA more responsible?
  • Since Spring/Summer 2020, we have included outsoles made with a minimum of 20% recycled EVA.
  • In collaboration with Finproject, we introduced a new outsole made with 51% recycled EVA.
Our recycled EVA targets
  • Always work toward better options of recycled and recyclable EVA.
  • Increase the percentage and the number of outsoles that become recycled options.
Recycled TPU

TPU is a resistant, recyclable material that we use in our outsoles.

How is our recycled TPU more responsible?
  • We are extending the use of recycled TPU in our collections even though we recognize that this material must always be mixed with virgin TPU to maintain quality and durability, the two main values of Camper products.
  • During Spring/Summer 2021, we launched a circular line made of TPU: Wabi Sombrilla and Hamaca. Wabi is a 100% recyclable mono-material design that uses 20% recycled TPU.
Our recycled TPU targets

Keep working to improve the recycled TPU component in our outsoles without compromising the durability and quality.

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