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Elina Ioannou


Meet the Cypriot sculptor blending realities to create flattened sculptures.

Elina Iannou’s academic background in architecture is evident in her work. By working with limestone, a local material most often used for construction, Elina creates two-dimensional sculptural depictions that celebrate her local landscape through the manipulation of the mundane.

Elina Ioannou 1aElina Ioannou 1b

"In my latest work, the autochthonous stone is the protagonist. This primitive “inhabitant” of the island, this humble material, in contrast to the fine finish of marble, is developed and praised. I am a devoted fan of where I live and I am grateful for all the inspiration that this island generously offers me."

Elina Ioannou 2

Working with her father, one of the few stone carvers still left on the island, Elina feels strongly about her Cypriot heritage and believes studying abroad allowed her to objectively interpret the local lifestyle.

"Art is a universal language. It can be read and understood by everyone. Usually, it is used to communicate our fears and obsessions. One of the principal qualities of art is to soothe human fears. It is made by humans for humans. It addresses our worries so it is essential to human existence. It doesn’t matter where a person is coming from—needs, fears, and fundamental concerns of life stay the same."

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The 11th issue of TWS takes us to Kypros, the third largest island in the Mediterranean. Situated at the doorstep of the Middle East, its strategic position as a link between East and West has made it subject to invasions since the beginning of time. Its history is defined by social ferment and cultural stratification, contributing a confusing identity and a mystical essence to the island.

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