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The 14th edition of The Walking Society travels to Krk, one of the largest islands in Croatia, located in the northernmost part of the Mediterranean. Joined to the mainland by a long arch bridge, Krk has an irregular coastline of bays and inlets, and the island’s residents enjoy a deep connection with the sea. On land, a new generation of artists and musicians is flourishing against a storied backdrop of myths and legends.

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Issue 14 - Krk

Crossing Krk Bridge, leaving the mainland behind, presents an island with a dual sense of remoteness and connection. This industrious year-round destination offers everything from Mediterranean markets to music festivals, ancient legends to new-generation creatives, healing mud beaches, and an underground network of limestone caves.

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An Equine Island

Emanuela Lekić

Having grown up on Krk before moving to Zagreb, this 26-year-old painter returns to her home island to work in the studio that was once her teenage bedroom.

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Dimitrios Antonitsis

Dino Grgurić

The Velvet Festival organizer is devoted to music and bringing people together—driving sounds and culture on the island of Krk.

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Fran Vasilić

A TikTok sensation inspired by the indie rock of the early Noughties, Fran now has millions of followers and is touring the world.

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The People of Krk

The most populous island in the Adriatic has a close-knit community that values the natural beauty of the island they call home.

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David Mrakovčić

Krk Market's organizer and advocate for sustainable agriculture also harvests indigenous olives.

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Edition & Creation:
Alla Carta Studio
Brand Creative Director:
Achilles Ion Gabriel
Brand Art Director:
Gloria Rodríguez


Photography: Nadine Fraczkowski
Copywriting: Davide Coppo
Styling: Francesca Izzi
Illustrations: Margaux Bigou
Production: Hotel Production


Director: Fele La Franca
Dop: Andrea Nocifora
Music: Dirt O’Malley
Editing: Claudio Di Trapani
Color Correction: Luca Lo Nigro


BAAM Production House
Biserujka Caves Krk
Alessandro Di Piazza
Igor Hrast at Activity centre Krk
Igor at Adventure turs Krk
Lisa Marleen Müller
Asja Piombino

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