Committed to making a more conscious selection.

A Little Better, Never Perfect is our philosophy. We pledge to seek out new and better materials. And this search will never end. We want every single element to demonstrate that it is reducing our impact on the planet. One day, we hope that all our materials and every part of our products will be certified and traceable–from their raw state to the manufacturing and distribution processes, and at the end of their lives.

Our selection of materials is fundamental to lessening our environmental and societal impact. Manufacturing and distribution processes have consequences, which is why we study each component before they are introduced to our products. Every aspect has to advance our journey towards being A Little Better, Never Perfect.


Even if a material is certified, we know that we can always do better. Our search for improvement is never-ending. This way, we can continue to make desirable, longer-lasting, functional designs that tread as lightly on the planet as possible.

By 2030, we want to be 100% considerate of our planet by using responsible materials only. We will work to replace existing components with better ones, to forge ahead to be the most sustainable we can be, which we realize is an ongoing process.


Here are some of the materials that we use in our products today and some of our targets.