Jorge Penadés:
Málaga Outlet Stores

REcover, REcycle and REuse.

Jorge Penadés: Málaga Outlet Store

Jorge Penadés: Málaga Outlet Store


For our latest Together collaboration, we’ve teamed up with Spanish designer Jorge Penadés for an all-new Camper store in Designer Outlet in Málaga. This new To&ether project is based on three key brand concepts: REcover, REcycle and REuse.

Designed in his studio in Madrid and hand-built by him in a warehouse in Mallorca, the new store has been created using old wooden furniture from other Camper stores, as well as industrial metal profiles. This is a unique project for several reasons. First, the whole creative process has happened in a Camper warehouse in Binissalem, Mallorca, a location which houses old furniture from the brand’s stores.

Maximizing materials and looking after each detail to achieve the utmost functionality.

There, the designer used his artisan skills to transform the various pieces using just three kinds of metal items easily found in any hardware store: perforated industrial profiles, brackets, and screws. Using only these materials, Jorge Penadés has designed and built all the store’s fittings and fixtures: from the product display shelves and tables to the seating and checkout counter, to the lighting, signage, and brand logo.

The designer made the most of what he found there.

Malaga Outlet Store

The recovery, recycling, and reuse of furniture has been key for this project.

When he manufactured and assembled the store inside the Binissalem warehouse, he disassembled it, painted it with a striking range of colours, and sent it off to be built as the new Málaga store. Camper is constantly looking for innovative new ways to minimize its environmental impact.

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Jorge Penadés

Jorge Penadés