The Walking Society. Issue 11. Kypros

Issue 11

Walking means travelling, going from one place to another. It also means advancing, improving, developing, innovating. TWS is a virtual society open to all people coming from diverse social, cultural, economic, or geographic backgrounds. They individually, or collectively, dedicate their imagination and energy to come up with useful and positive ideas and solutions for a better world in a simple and honest way.

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THE WALKING SOCIETY magazine contains words and images from people and landscapes belonging to a virtual community, those that make the world progress and change.

The first issue of TWS launched in 2001 and its subject was the island of Mallorca, Camper’s native home. The original series, which also covered different regions of the Mediterranean, lasted four years and eight issues before ending in 2005. This 11th edition is a survey and discovery of an island with an intriguing chronology and complex archeology. This journey questions and debunks the mysteries of Kypros, exploring how the island has absorbed the influences of its foreign invaders without compromising its Mediterranean essence.

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Issue 11—Kypros

KYPROS is the third largest island in the Mediterranean. Situated at the door to the Middle East, its strategic position as a link between East and West has made it subject to invasions since the beginning of time. Its history is defined by social ferment and cultural stratification, contributing a confusing identity and a mystical essence to the island.

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Elina Ioannou

By choosing to employ limestone, an autochthonous material typically used for construction, Elina Ioannou interprets her surroundings by celebrating the local landscape through the manipulation of the mundane.

Working alongside her father, one of the few stone carvers left on the island, Elina feels strongly about her Cypriot heritage and believes studying abroad allowed her to see the local lifestyle from an unbiased perspective.

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Joanna Louca

Ancient weaving techniques are revisited inside the studio of Cypriot artist Joanna Louca. Against a backdrop of spindles wrapped with linen, cotton, and wool, wooden looms sit ready to spring into action and turn Joanna’s patterns into reality.

Joanna Louca’s art is a bridge between tradition and the future. Experimenting with different materials, the artist sets out to bring this old Cypriot tradition to the world through art exhibitions and commercial collaborations.

Christina Skarpari

With strong ties to Phyti, a tiny village known for its embroidery tradition, Christina Skarpari uses her research and practice to rediscover her heritage and connect with the rural communities inhabiting the island’s mountain villages.

Christina is interested in reshaping the social narratives around hyper capitalistic systems and self-sustaining traditions. She launched the Xarkis Festival in 2013 to mobilize and unite the diverse communities living on the island.

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Nicolas Netien

Bio-engineer Nicolas Netien moved to Cyprus when he was called to work on a project inside the United Nations buffer zone. Here, following permaculture principles, he was able to develop a special formula for growing the healthiest olive trees in the world.

Working through the unshakable bond linking humans and nature in a place like Cyprus, Nicolas’ current project gives back to an overexploited land that has been damaged by climate change and poor environmental policies.

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