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The Walking Society Pop-Up is a project that reinforces the importance of local heritage and highlights our commitment to offer exclusive objects and ideas from across the Mediterranean.

Explore our latest collection of objects, and decor created by featured artists and artisans from our The Walking Society adventures.

Elena Votsi

Recognized for her medal designs for the 2004 and 2016 Olympic Games, renowned jewelry designer Elena Votsi creates unique pieces that are sold internationally and in her shop along the Hydra waterfront.

François Panzani

Corsica native François Panzani is an artisan bladesmith working with steel, wood, and natural materials to create specialty knives for a range of uses. Blades and horns for the handles are shaped, assembled, and finished on-site in his local workshop.

Maritina Bouyoukli and Vagelis Daglis

Maritina Bouyoukli and Vagelis Daglis began creating and pouring their own handmade candles as a hobby. Today, the Hydra couple’s MV Candles can be enjoyed in homes and businesses across the island.

Pharmacy Rafalias

Born and raised in Hydra, Vangelis Rafalias is a 2nd generation pharmacist creating his own line of locally-sourced soaps, oils, and creams.

Daphne Christoforou

Daphne Christoforou is a visual artist from Cyprus who specializes in illustration. Her narrative-driven work revolves around Buddhist teachings that explore undesirable impulses and emotions, observations of human interaction and behavior, and personal anxieties.

Joanna Louca

Joanna Louca is an artisan weaver using domestic hand-looms and complex craftsmanship to intertwine diverse materials. Each woven piece is meticulously constructed with experimental techniques and conventional methods that respect local culture, blurring the boundaries of traditional weaving to create distinct, one-of-a-kind collections.

Elina Ioannou

Elina Ioannou is a Cypriot artist who creates sculptural works inspired by everyday objects and architectural details. Images from magazines, art books, museum archives, and photographs are applied to a variety of surfaces to create stand-alone pieces that play with the architectural landscape.

Alessandro Viola

Alessandro Viola is well-known in Sicilia for producing some of the most famous natural Sicilian wines. Having helped his father make wines when he was young, Alessandro began making wine in his garage before honing his craft to experiment with natural methods without sulphites.

Fabrizzia Lanza

Fabrizia Lanza works at the cooking school her mother founded in the hills between Palermo and Caltanissetta. The school divides its focus between hospitality and training, always keeping the theme of agriculture and production as the focus, including the land, the mills, and how grain is transformed.

Son Fortesa

The estate of Son Fortesa is a working rural estate that dates back to the 16th century. Located in Alaró, a town in the Mallorcan countryside near Camper's headquarters, the agricultural activity has been revived in the years since it was purchased. Small-scale yields are maintained according to sustainable, regulated practices and the work of a devoted team.

Marta Armengol

Marta Armengol is an architect and artist that creates furniture and beautiful glass-blown objects, inspired by poetry, philosophy, and architecture. She plays with experimentation, using errors and material possibilities rather than searching for definitive solutions.

Joan Pere Català Roig

Joan Pere Català Roig is a ceramist who implements extremely rigorous, and often laborious, techniques. His work plays with form and scale, ranging from small tea bowls to oversized vases to ceramic furniture.

Available only in Europe (excluding Switzerland and the UK).

Open until December 31

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