We build shoes to last
and here’s the proof

Each shoe in our collection is now measured using a durability scale validated by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. That’s a global non-profit alliance seeking to lead the consumer goods industry toward a shared vision of sustainability.
The durability score of our shoes is calculated by the Higg Tool based on parameters defined in the Higg Product Module and validated by B Lab in the B Corp audit. We have high standards, you see.

How do we determine the
durability score for each shoe?
There are four types of tests:



Outsole Abrasion

Martindale Abrasion


After rigorous internal and external
testing, each score is combined to get a
number that ranks the shoe on the durability scale.

Here’s how the durability score works. Each pair of shoes is ranked from <7.5 points (good durability) to 5 - 12 (great) to 12 - 15 (top!).

Want to know how your favorite style ranks? Check out the durability score on its product page.

We believe our shoes belong on your feet, not in landfills, where an estimated 22 billion pairs end up each year.

Our designers and technicians work tirelessly to select the longest-lasting materials and shoemaking techniques when developing Camper products—because we know that you also have very high (durability) standards.
Here’s to shoes that last longer, test higher, and take you further.
Walk with purpose.