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Issue 16

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The Walking Society is a community open to everyone from all social, cultural, economic, and geographical backgrounds. Individually and collectively, The Walking Society champions imagination and energy, offering valuable ideas and solutions to better the world. Simply and honestly.

The Walking Society Magazine. Issue 16. Menorca

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Issue #16 heads to Menorca, the Balearic island where the volume is lower and life is slower. We meet the creative minds that live in this UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and explore the megalithic monuments that tell ancient tales of giants. Each summer, the island erupts into a frenzy of festes starring the majestic black horses—and plenty of local gin. Menorca may feel far from anywhere, but who'd want to be anywhere else.

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Issue 16 - Menorca

There's an unassuming stillness to the second-largest Balearic island that feels adrift in the Mediterranean Sea.
But there’s plenty going on—creatively and culturally.
Come and explore this wild and resilient island in Issue #16 of The Walking Society Magazine.

Omar Sosa

The co-founder of Apartamento opens the doors of his country house to reveal why he was drawn to Menorca.

Meet Omar

Quarantine Events

An unconventional residency that places artists under 'quarantine' in a former isolation hospital—to drive the creative process without technology.

Meet the Team

Bettina Calderazzo and Matt Weston

Etesian gallery is an exhibition space with a difference. The couple and co-founders discuss art, their inspirations, and why they chose to call this island home.

Meet Bettina and Matt

Edition & Creation: Alla Carta Studio
Brand Creative Director: Achilles Ion Gabriel
Brand Art Director: Gloria Rodríguez

Edition & Creation:
Alla Carta Studio
Brand Creative Director:
Achilles Ion Gabriel
Brand Art Director:
Gloria Rodríguez


Photography: Valentin B Giacobetti
Copywriting: Davide Coppo
Styling: Francesca Izzi
Illustrations: Angela Kirkwood
Production: Hotel Production


Director: Fele La Franca
Dop: Andrea Nocifora
Music: Too Youngy
Editing: Fele La Franca
Editing Assistant: Roberta Netto


Maria Barceló Pons

Chimera Sleepwear
Cristine Bedfor
Hauser & Wirth

Lessico Familiare

Miguel Ángel Martorell Mancebo
Álvaro Ortega Alonso

Asja Piombino Olivier Simille Spaccio
Maglieria Via Piave 33

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