MLS Textiles 1992


Located in southeastern Spain, a region renowned for its textile production, MLS Textiles 1992 is a family-run business specialized in developing innovative textile solutions and applying them to a wide range of sports and lifestyle products.

Factory MLS - 1992
LOCATIONPol. Ind. El Plá Calle Diables, 34
Ontinyent. Valencia. Spain
Founded in the early 1990s by Miguel Lurbe Sanz, the factory was initially dedicated to the production of dress socks. However, with the help of his sons, the company gained notoriety and soon became a reference in the hosiery sector thanks to its high-quality production and advanced manufacturing know-how.

For us, innovation is what really sets MLS Textiles 1992 apart. In the late 2000s, Miguel and his team saw the growing demand for performance apparel and made the entrepreneurial decision to invest in textile research and development. Thanks to renovated facilities and machinery, the company began specializing in the production of technical apparel, setting them apart from other factories in the region. In 2011, MLS Textiles 1992 joined the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest voluntary corporate sustainability initiative, a project that commits companies to align their strategies and operations with universal principles regarding human rights, anti-corruption, labor practices, and the environment.

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