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Camper Together with Eckhaus Latta

Discover our exclusive collaboration with the avant-garde design duo. The short film, “Island,” stars artists Hari Nef and Martine Gutierrez and was shot entirely in Mallorca.

Discover the Collaboration

CamperLab Exclusives are the most progressive styles of the collection, which is developed under the vision of Creative Director Romain Kremer.

Our Fall/Winter 2016 CamperLab Exclusives take volume, color, and texture to the extreme, with glossy leathers, heady neon, rave-ready platforms, and more.

Our Fall/Winter 2016 collection plays with anachronisms, combining the past and present and featuring elements from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages to 17th-century monarchies.

The campaign features several bold characters that embody a stylized interpretation of the key shoes of the collection.

Experience our Fall/Winter 2016 campaign