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Joanna Louca


Meet the master weaver pushing creative boundaries through experimental weaving and textiles.

Ancient weaving techniques are revisited and reimagined inside Joanna Louca’s studio. Entering the Cypriot artist’s luminous workshop on the southern side of Nicosia, rows of spools and fabric samples neatly arranged on metal shelves welcome visitors.

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"Weaving is a particular method that connects historical movement and one of the oldest crafts on the island. Studying Cyprus’ traditional techniques thoroughly and with great respect is often the starting point of inspiration and reference for my work. Also, in this digital era, there is a need to preserve the tangible techniques and crafts that were once on the verge of extinction."

Joanna Louca 2

Joanna Louca’s art is a bridge between tradition and the future. Experimenting with a range of materials and techniques, the artist aims to bring this Cypriot tradition to the world through exhibitions and collaborations.

"Weaving will always reflect our cultural values. The colors, patterns, and specific widths deriving from local tradition have been influencing my work massively. Innovative rather than traditional yarns, together with high-tech threads elaborated with traditional techniques, offer space for constant experimentation."

“Each piece is connected to a profound state of mind, a feeling, a vision, a human interaction. All these are translated on a tangible surface that can be read and translated according to the viewer’s very own personal experiences. I want to evoke a feeling in the viewer, a memory, a sentiment. Textiles are a tangible expression of shared culture to communicate cultural values and aesthetics.”

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The 11th issue of TWS takes us to Kypros, the third largest island in the Mediterranean. Situated at the doorstep of the Middle East, its strategic position as a link between East and West has made it subject to invasions since the beginning of time. Its history is defined by social ferment and cultural stratification, contributing a confusing identity and a mystical essence to the island.

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