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The Walking Society Pop Up is a project through which we reinforce the importance of local heritage. We aim to bring you exclusive objects and gifts that capture the essence of the Mediterranean and the spirit of The Walking Society.

The Walking Society. Pop Up

Pop Up

This season we bring you pieces and products from the island of Kypros, the third largest island in the Mediterranean and the protagonist of The Walking Society issue 11.

Open until December 31

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Elina Ioannou

Elina Ioannou is a Cypriot artist who creates sculptural works inspired by everyday objects and architectural details. Images from magazines, art books, museum archives, and photographs are applied to a variety of surfaces to create stand-alone pieces that play with the architectural landscape. By combining disparate histories, materials, techniques, and references, each piece creates something new that connects the past and present, reality and myth.

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Joanna Louca

Joanna Louca, an artisan weaver who has been creating fabric narratives since 2001, uses domestic hand-looms to intertwine diverse materials using complex craftsmanship. Each woven piece is meticulously constructed with experimental techniques and conventional methods that respect local culture, blurring the boundaries of traditional weaving to create distinct, one-of-a-kind collections.

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Nicolas Netien

Nicolas Netien is a French bioengineer who settled in Cyprus almost a decade ago. One of the founders of ATSAS olive oil and an expert in environmental engineering, Nicolas became fascinated by the island's natural landscape and climatic conditions. Inspired by the potential for sustainable organic farming, he began experimenting with permaculture, developing a unique formula for growing some of the healthiest olive trees in the world and starting his own honey farm.


The founders of Colive Oil, Hasan and Alex, hail from the island of Cyprus but come from different sides of the border. A decade after meeting at university, they created Colive Oil, a premium olive oil made from a high-quality blend of olives from both sides of the demilitarized zone that divides Cyprus. Colive Oil became the first Cypriot company jointly directed by Greek and Turkish Cypriots to operate island-wide and a true symbol of equality and quality.

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Daphne Christoforou

Daphne Christoforou is a visual artist from Cyprus who specializes in illustration. Her narrative-driven work revolves around Buddhist teachings that explore undesirable impulses and emotions, observations of human interaction and behavior, and personal anxieties.

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The Walking Society is a virtual community working to help the world progress and change. Individuals and collectives dedicating their imagination and energy to developing useful ideas and positive solutions, committed to building a better world in a simple and honest way.

The 11th issue of TWS takes us to Kypros, the third largest island in the Mediterranean. Situated at the doorstep of the Middle East, its strategic position as a link between East and West has made it subject to invasions since the beginning of time. Its history is defined by social ferment and cultural stratification, contributing a confusing identity and a mystical essence to the island.

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