Our Commitments

We are on a journey to make every single thing we do A Little Better, Never Perfect.

Our Actions

Our commitment to eliminate waste to landfill sees us launch our shoe recycling programme SECOND LIFE so that all our shoes can be returned to be ReWorn, ReUsed or RePurposed.

Second Life

We start an ongoing commitment with the Esment Foundation in Mallorca, who provides support to people with learning difficulties and their families.

Esment Foundation

We introduce our first collection made from worn shoes re-engineered to create new footwear. ReCrafted works to extend the life of footwear so reducing waste to landfill.


Two circular designs launched into the market. Reworking our iconic Wabi and Kobarah designs means they can bemade into new shoes at the end of their life.


Signed Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) to reduce our emissions in line with the Paris Agreement goals.

Signed Science Based Targets initiative
Our Approach

We are working to ensure our entire process is transparent, ethical and environmentally responsible. Our key objective is to meet ambitious goals before setting new ones and our commitment to people and the planet does not end. This is why we consider sustainability to be a journey of continuous improvement to be A Little Better, Never Perfect.

This strategy was defined by our materiality assessment which allows us to gauge the most important sustainability impacts for our business. As a result of this we have identified our top priorities to be:

Preserving & Conserving
Natural Resources

By considering our use of resources, we discover alternative ways to eliminate consumption and reduce our environmental impact on the planet.

Preserving & Conserving Natural Resources
Caring About Human Progress

We are dedicated to looking after people to create a positive impact on communities connected with our operations.

Preserving & Conserving Natural Resources
Designing Unique Walking

By choosing better materials and more efficient processes, we aim to design and sell high-quality products with the lowest possible environmental impact.

Designing Unique Walking Experiences
Delivering Responsible & Ethical Growth

We will continue to make responsible, ethical decisions to deliver a successful, compliant, and competitive business.

Designing Unique Walking Experiences

We support local environmental initiatives by giving 1% of the sale of Camaleon and Peu Stadium to Mallorca conservation groups.

Avoiding Fossil Fuels

We aim to eliminate virgin plastics from all uppers and linings by 2025.

More Considerate Materials

We want to ensure that every product includes either Renewable or Recycled Materials by 2025.

Zero Emissions

We are Carbon Neutral in 2020 in our Scope 1 and 2. Our goal is to be Net-Zero by 2050 according to our SBTi commitments

Our Performance

We are working to achieve sustainability goals throughout our business by taking an integrated approach. Annually we measure our performance through the Sustainable Apparel Coalition's Higg BRM and an independent ESG Audit (via Vigeo Eiris).

To read more about our actions, check out our

Responsible Business

We believe building an ethical and sustainable business is the only way for our shared future on this planet. Just like making better shoes means looking after where they are made, it also means looking after who makes them. We want to make sure that we, our partners and suppliers are held to the highest possible standards. This is why we independently check and audit our key suppliers and we work to ensure all our codes of conduct are applied throughout our operations.

Camper is committed to the goals of equal opportunities in order to create a diverse and inclusive business. We value the differences that diversity brings to our brand and uphold this as part of our company values.

We aim to provide a working environment that fosters inclusion, fairness, equity, and respect for social and cultural diversity and that is free from unlawful discrimination and harassment. Our recruitment process considers applicants without regard to gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disabled status or any other characteristic protected by law.