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Blue leather ankle boots

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Blue leather ankle boots for kids with multicolor details and stitched rubber outsole.

Better Product:

The leather is certified by Leather Working Group, a coalition of brands, suppliers, retailers, leading technical experts, and NGOs aimed at raising environmental standards and ensuring best practice standards for tanners, manufacturers, and retailers.

The elastic laces are made of 74% recycled PET in order to eliminate virgin plastic and reduce the carbon footprint emissions all over our supply chain.

20% of the outsole is made of recycled rubber, which helps to scrap waste and reduce the carbon footprint emissions going into a more conscious environmental impact, keeping the same performances and standards of virgin rubber.

The First Walkers range features flexible-yet-sturdy styles made for little ones who are taking their first steps.

Born in 1988, our classic TWINS concept — opposite yet complementary - challenges the idea that shoes must be identical and lives on in these mismatched kids´ shoes to form a truly unique pair.