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Design: a unique blend of ethics and aesthetics. The brand’s origins and philosophy take shape in its visual history. This is the best expression of the brand’s Mediterranean identity, with its deep-rooted values, its fusion of cultures and its creative inspiration.

Communication has been one of the fundamental pillars at Camper, since the outset. Not solely for sales purposes but rather a sincere communication of a message; communication that has evolved with irony and refection.

In 1975, having opted for Camper (“peasant” in Catalan), as the new name for his brand, Lorenzo Fluxà, along with Carlos Rolando and Joaquin Lorente – Camper’s first “conspirators” – began to think about how to consolidate this name and how to transmit all the ideas that the name suggested to them! This is how the original logo – black type – and advertising campaign were conceived, as well as the collateral materials which accompanied Camper products at their debut in multi brand stores.

In 1981, coinciding with the opening of the first store in Barcelona, the Camper logo was rethought. This was a necessary modification as it was the first time the logo would be used at the entrance to a store, and therefore needed to be enhanced. This is when the now familiar red was introduced to the Camper logo, and the lettering changed to white. This was to be the real beginning of the graphic history of the brand. The opening of the store meant that the brand was obliged to develop all kinds of graphic materials not previously necessary. Materials that reflected the brands true philosophy and origins. Bags, boxes, posters, displays, advertisements, catalogues… all now an elementary part of the brand’s offer and indeed reputation.

Taking a tour of Camper’s graphic history form the 1980’s through to the 1990’s is to take a journey through the brand’s history, growth and expansion internationally. It is also a trip through a history illustrated via irony, humour and above all imagination.

In the year 2000 with the start of the new millennium, Camper decided to transmit a new approach to communication. Previously solely about the product, now brand image was to be the new voice! There were two reasons for this. Camper was already a brand known to the consumer, who would automatically associate with the product: however, Camper was now seeking to enhance the culture of the brand and therefore the product by cultivating this new message. The “new” message was actually a very old one, the Mediterranean, Camper’s origins and roots. The evolution of culture brought the web into the picture, while the dynamism of the company created the magalog – magazine/catalogue – travelogue – short film – etc..

Throughout the years Camper has been extremely careful with the graphic presentation of concepts. Always executed with a very open mind, this has allowed more than forty artists and designers to contribute and participate in these many projects.


In 1998, Camper was awarded the Spanish National Design Award. This is an award given annually by the BCD (Barcelona Centro Diseño – Barcelona Design Centre). This prestigious award is the highest accolade that can be given to Companies and professionals for their outstanding contribution to the world of design. The prize is awarded annually by the Ministry of Industry and Energy and by the Fundación BCD at a ceremony attended by his majesty King Juan Carlos I. The award is given in recognition of the company’s professional path, not for one specific design. It is the acknowledgement of an organisation, the attitude it exudes and work ethnic it evokes, that has allowed the recipient to achieve results over time.

Design means three things to Camper.

The desire to integrate aesthetics and function into our products. Ethics and Aesthetics; imagining better solutions, incorporating technology that is readily available, to make products more useful, and more responsible, so they can add to people’s health and general quality of life.

For Camper a designer object is not a frivolous or useless thing. Our society often celebrates “designer objects” that with the ideal of daily use only present, after a short time, an incapacity for serving their primary function. Camper shoes have always been defined by their comfort, their technology, their respect for tradition, their function and their imaginative design.

Design implies identity. Imagination, creativity and ideas do not come from nowhere! We are born and we live in a specific cultural environment. As a consequence, design is clearly influenced by history, culture, circumstance and the landscape that surrounds us.

The Identity of Camper is the Mediterranean. The true crossroads of many cultures depicted by many contradictions and qualities alike, modernity and rural, creativity and austerity, tradition, respect, discretion and simplicity.

Design is an efficient tool for advancing in a global market that is constantly evolving and therefore growing ever more competitive. Design is added value. Design does not solve all a company’s problems, but it does contribute to what we could call a cultural and human approach to business. For Camper this award not only endorsed our efforts but it was encouragement, indeed recognition to continue walking through the world with imagination, offering diversity to a diverse public.

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