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Seven people are employed in the Camper workshop, and their commitment is to assemble the first prototype of each new shoe. The model that they deliver will be used to produce thousands of shoes, which will accompany thousands of Lifelovers around the world on their walk through life. If you're one of them, you'll be interested to know how your Campers take their first steps. Jordi, the person in charge of design engineering, tells us all about it: "This workshop has a real family atmosphere and emphasis on careful craftsmanship, even though it's part of an international company; all the work here is done by hand, and everyone on the team has known each other for years. My father held this position before me, and he taught me to share his passion.

Our procedure

Our procedure is as follows: first we create the lasts in the engineering department. Once they're finished, we make a model with its different pieces and bring them to the workshop, where they go through three construction phases: cutting, stitching and lasting. The cutting is done by Ángel, who uses a blade to cut out the shape of each piece from the leather. Fina G., Valentina and Fina P., the "stitchers", are in charge of sewing and putting the pieces together under Rosa's supervision. Juan and Reyes then place them on the wooden last and assemble the shoe. This is one of the few workshops where wooden lasts are still used: wood is much nicer than plastic, and it lends a certain dignity to our work. After being lasted, the prototype is tried on a real human foot, and alterations are made if necessary until the model is perfect. The seven of us produce an average of nine prototypes per day, which we capture in 3D using a CAD design program and send in digital format to factories in various countries."

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