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Visionaries and pioneers. A family business that set sail from the harbour of tradition in pursuit of a dream. Learning and sharing in order to change things. The passion and dedication of one man as the foundation of today’s success. These are the origins of Camper.

Camper is the living history of a family business from a great family of innovators, who for more than a century and involving four generations have dedicated themselves to the footwear industry. Camper was born in 1975. In order to fully understand the very core of Camper, its values and commitment, one has to go back more than 120 years. In 1877, Antonio Fluxà, a skilled cobbler, set sail for England to investigate new methods of industrial manufacturing. Upon his return, he gathered together the best leather craftsmen in Inca (Mallorca) and introduced them to the first machines used to manufacture shoes. An impressive symbol of enlightenment! An innovative spirit transmitted down the line to future generations, a revolutionary resolve, a deep respect for their profession, for quality products, and above all function.

His son Lorenzo Fluxà was born in a shoe factory. He inherited from his father both his taste and his enthusiasm for this simple object, always in pairs, that keeps us connected to the ground. He continued with his father’s tradition of indulgence when it comes to quality while using innovative industrial manufacturing.

The historical and social changes experienced in Spain in the mid 1970’s were reflected in a new attitude to life. New styles, new concepts, a new spirit of adventure flourished. The solid support of a century old tradition, allowed Lorenzo Fluxà, Antonio’s grandson, to create Camper in 1975. Camper was born to be a brand: its concept was to reflect a new lifestyle, a new way of thinking based on freedom but also encompassing comfort and creativity.

In 1981, the first Camper store debuted in Barcelona. A concept that revolutionised the world of footwear retailing, incorporating a bold graphic element and a ground-breaking functional display of sizes. In 1992, international expansion began. Branches were opened in the major fashion capitals of Europe: London, Paris and Milan. Today Camper is the senior company in this sector in Spain, having maintained a healthy growth without interruption over the course of four generations!